Boat Tours & Swim with Turtles!

Come swim with the turtles

Are you feeling adventurous? Go on a boat tours and swim with turtles, you can to explore Barbados from another perspective. Perhaps you’ll to see the way a hawksbill or leatherback turtle sees this tropical paradise.

There is a wide range of cruises and tours that take visitors to swim with the turtles. Most turtle tours are on catamarans which provide lunch, masks and snorkels. It’s a great day out – sailing down the beautiful coastline, a delicious lunch, rum punches and other drinks, and of course seeing the magnificent turtles and snorkelling in the Caribbean sea. Some tours include stops at the beach and snorkelling over shipwrecks.

If you’re a people person, choose one of the larger catamarans. There are smaller catamarans for those who prefer a more intimate experience. Shop around to find what’s best for your requirements and budget.

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